Buckled, Bearded, and Balmed

Buckled, Bearded, and Balmed

They often say rebirth takes place in the spring, but for Beards of Denver, we’re all about the fall. After (more than) a year (!) hiatus, we are re-launching BofD close to our three-year anniversary with one seriously burly beard.

Fans of Beards of Denver, meet Scott Griffin Padden, or as his friends and the Beards of Denver ladies call him, SGP. We happened upon this handsome hunk of bearded dude at the acclaimed Lost Lake Lounge on East Colfax, a favorite haunt of the ladies of Beards of Denver, where we like to sip whiskey on weeknights and catch great shows. SGP was playing guitar this fateful night with the band Goodnight, Texas and took time after the show to share with us the inspiration behind his beard dedication, which is two-fold: a combined hatred of shaving plus embarking on several tours with different bands made up of an assortment of bearded bandmates lead to this fine beard specimen. (SGP swears he doesn’t have Beard Envy, although we’re guessing many of our readers now may after seeing his beard). SGP has been growing his fantastic beard since February 2014—no small feat, as he shared with us it takes time, care, and patience to navigate slow beard-growth spurts.

SGP keeps his boss beard beautiful through a beard trimmer his loving mother bought him for his birthday, a small dose of hair product, and his secret ingredient: Beard Balm he’s modeling here, which a friend of his created. We know Beard Balm works magic because we witnessed SGP fending off beard-kisses bestowed on him by an adoring fan (though he told us he does miss the neck kisses his longer beard blocks). Such are the daily struggles of a dashing bearded dude.

Though not a Denver boy, SGP is rumored to be making a reappearance in our fair city very soon! When not touring the world and wowing people with his beard (and music) he plays and composes music in San Francisco, where he currently resides. “You’ll have bad beard days. But Fuck ‘em!” A wise-bearded man’s creed if we’ve ever heard one.

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