Banjo Beard

We know it’s been ages since we’ve brought joy to the masses with our documentation of the lovely bearded men we encounter in Denver. But, fear no more, beardies. We have a backlog of bearded interviews dating back a few years that we are aiming to bring to you this summer (and perhaps some new beards, too)! And summatime starts now.

PalmerLowestPairDec2013Just before Christmas in 2013, we had the delight and privilege to see the Americana duo The Lowest Pair perform at Swallow Hill in Denver. Now, on the eve of their show at Hi-Dive tomorrow, we bring you a dated yet delightful interview with Palmer T. Lee, who makes up one half of the lowest pair with the lovely Kendl Winter.

Palmer, who hails from Minnesota, shared with us that since he’d been able to grow a beard, he couldn’t remember a time he’s been clean shaven, and when we spoke with him, he had had that version of his beard for at least three years. Palmer made some changes in June 2013, and for the sake of hitting the road, he rid himself of all his possessions—including his beard trimmer—so he kept his beard proportional by occasionally using a simple scissors (with The Lowest Pair’s continued success we hope he’s been able to snag a trimmer again!) As far as Palmer’s family’s take on his beard, he said his grandparents “think it’s weird” but Kendl is a fan. Occasionally fans come up and caress his beard without permission, which he readily embraces. For beard-upkeep, Palmer uses a specific brush (which he said was unnecessary for grooming of his actual hair). You’ll want to catch The Lowest Pair with their amazing banjo skills–and Palmer’s beard–at the Hi-Dive tomorrow (June 8th), especially as they’ve just released two new albums and are touring this summer. Plus, local gem Patrick Dethlefs is opening. We can’t wait to hear them, and see how the past few years have treated Palmer’s fantastic beard!

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