Brewery Beard Part 2

The first thing we noticed when walking into the Copper Kettle Brewing Company should’ve been the several delicious brews on tap, but, unsurprisingly, our Beards of Denver eyes honed in on the handsome beard Paul was sporting. Paul is relatively new to Copper Kettle and to the Denver area, moving here in recent months for the peace of the mountains and away from the bustle of Orlando, Florida. Paul’s worked in the brewing business for quite some time, and was a definite asset in helping us choose which brews to sample. If you go to Copper Kettle, make sure to tell Paul hi, and try the Mexican Chocolate Stout while you can still get it–it was divine!

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One thought on “Brewery Beard Part 2

  1. Thomas says:

    ….and beside the beard, this guy knows what he`s talking about beers!! He impressed me a lot while attending his beer school events!Still my favourite bartender…!! Greetz from Germany…the land of beers!

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