Here’s a whole lotta beard to get your hump day off to a good start! Meet Jason. The look on his face is one of shock–he was in disbelief after moving here from Tucson to find that he couldn’t wear his tank top year round and that the sweat band was not considered a wardrobe staple. Jason told us that he grew this beauty, his “freedom beard”, once he got out of the army. He told us, “beards are natural, shaving is not. Some of history’s greatest men had this figured out, but for some reason they’re a rarity these days”. Word. His favorite part of his beard is that his circle of friends gets bigger each day– “having a beard and running into someone else with one…..you become friends instantly. You share a bond that the beardless will never know”. Jason admits to falling off the wagon early this year—“I had no intentions of shaving it off, ever, until one day some dude comes up to me on the bus and offers me soap and razors from his church. I had no idea what he was talking about until he said “it’s ok man, I used to be homeless too”. I went straight home and shaved it off.” That was one of the saddest stories we’d ever heard. Jason said he instantly regretted that decision and quickly removed all sharp objects from his house. Welcome back, our bearded friend.

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