Bingo Beards

We met Hunter (right), Austin (left), and their neighbor and bingo sidekick Mallory, at Goosetown Tavern during Bingo night last week. Austin and Hunter were college roommates at CU Boulder and now they and neighbor Mallory reside in the Congress Park neighborhood in Denver. Hunter started growing his awesome beard during No Shave November last month, and it has grown into a fantastic Decem-beard. Austin began growing his Amish-like beard a year and a half ago, and his beard has been inspired by mystical/magical direction, as he swears he sucked on a dying unicorn’s horn and its last wish was for Austin to grow an Amish beard, so, naturally, he obliged (you can’t turn down a dying unicorn’s last wish, after all). In addition, Austin, who grew up in Southern California but was born in Colorado, swears the unicorn presented him with a bouquet of lilies, a packet of glitter, and a lifetime supply of pink and purple Nerds, not to mention blessed him with 7 fortunes in 2013, which one, obviously, is to grow an amazing beard. We’re not sure what the whole truth is, but we can vouch that both of their beards were awesome. And next time at Bingo, they’re sure to win!

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