Missouri Triple Threat

Missouri Triple Threat

Here are some guest beards for your Tuesday! Meet John, Kyle and Chris (left to right) from Missouri. John and his beard come from Joplin where he’s the president of Trumascape. He loves that his beard is a loyal companion and is always there for him. “I usually pet my beard when I’m in deep thought; it’s there to support me”. He also takes the verbal abuse from his loved ones in stride, like when his mom and sister say “we hope you’re not doing this because you think it looks good”. Be patient with them, John. Not all understand the magic of the beard.
Next we have Kyle, who started growing his beard after Movember to show up some of his friends in good ‘ol bearded competition. Ladies of Missouri, you can find this beard studying hard in PT school at Rockhurst University.
Last is the life saving beard. Chris is an ICU RN in Joplin. You know you’re in good hands with facial hair like this. What lucky patients you have!
Nice meeting you beards–now, do our community a favor and move to Denver!


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