It’s true what they say, everything grows better on the Vine. It was beard Mecca at Vine Street last night, that’s where we met this beard of Biblical proportions, Laban. This beard was born and raised in Ohio and has been calling Denver home for the past 8 years. He keeps his 8 month old beard in check by doing nothing. He’s a no-maintenance, true mountain man. When asked if people like to talk about his beard, his response: “No, just you, actually.” We don’t believe him. He has a lot of support for his beard, his wife is a huge fan and he told us he loves Colorado because no one judges the bearded man. No we don’t, Ladan, we only admire.

One thought on “Laban

  1. Sara says:

    His beard maintenance made me think of a zen saying: There is no right and wrong there is only doing and not-to-do.

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