We met Alex Townsend and Matt Kiernan at the Ogden Theater on Thursday while they were buying PBR tallboys and preparing to enjoy the Trampled by Turtles show. Matt (right) is a snowboarder who keeps his beard only during Beard Season to keep his face warm. Alex (left) finished his stint in the Air Force in Summer 2009 and has enjoyed the freedom to grow his beard as full and long as he’d like since then. We just missed seeing it even burlier, as he had to trim back his awesome beard for his sister’s wedding recently.
Both Matt and Alex attest to the fact their mothers are not fans of their beards but we respectfully disagree–all that handsomeness is even better with beards! Matt and Alex work together at Trulia real estate in advertising, and we’re sure they don’t have any trouble selling property with the help of their amazing beards. Thanks guys!

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