LAMA LIVE beards

It was our pleasant surprise to encounter three members of Denver’s up-and-coming hip-hop band L.A.M.A. Live at the Whiskey Bar last week before their band practice. Ha Boogie (left), Nam (center), and Matt (right) have been playing music together the past two years and counting, and rocking those beards together as well. Ha Boogie hails from Queens, Nam from Brooklyn, and our boy Matt is a Colorado native, but they all three call Denver home now, and they wouldn’t change that for the world, because, in their words “The most beautiful women in the world live in Denver.” Keep talking like that boys, and sporting those beards, and the ladies will certainly come a calling. Speaking of beautiful women, when asked what their mothers thought of their beards, Ha Boogie said his mom loves it because it makes him look more like his father, Nam’s beard is still in its infancy so his mom hasn’t weighed in yet, and Matt’s mom doesn’t like his beard (we, of course, respectively disagree). You can catch L.A.M.A. Live TOMORROW when they open for Vanilla Ice in Lakewood at the Grizzly Rock! Be there.

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