We recently read that according to research, beards can predict whether you’re a badass or board room material. Let us introduce you to the beautiful badass beard of Brian. B of D met Brian when providing some moral support for a friend’s shoulder getting some beautiful work done. Brian told us a razor has not touched his face in over 5 years and his current beard is 5 months old. His favorite part about the beard is “obviously not shaving”. He particularly loves the auburn rich color that it provides. His beard prep routine includes an occasional brush and some added jojoba oil to replace some of the natural oils. Brian has called Denver home for the past 2 years. He hails from North Little Rock, Arkansas and has been tattooing for 8 years. You can find him at Denver’s Th’Ink Tank Tattoo Studio on Broadway where he can create exactly what you’re searching for—that includes beard tattoos. He mentioned a couple of beards that are on his portfolio. He created a centaur with his lovely mug as the head and he also tattooed a bearded lady on his buddy’s kneecap. Perhaps the women behind B of D will one day have the crest permanently placed on their bodies?

Tell us how much you love this beard:

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