Aloha Beard

Maybe some would argue that not ALL good things pass through the Bluebird Theater in Denver, but over the years a whole lot of fabulous bands–and fabulous beards–sure have. Meet Brian and his bodacious beard. Brian and his lovely girlfriend Caley recently moved from Hawaii to Boulder and we met them before the Rob Drabkin concert at the Bluebird last Friday. Originally from Texas, Brian hasn’t shaved his beard in the past seven years, and shows true dedication by working on his beard 24/7 (we probably don’t need to mention that men with beards are especially witty). He’s always doing something interesting with his beard, and in his other spare time he’s an LSAT teacher, a massage therapist, and dabbles in music himself; an example of a true multi-talented bearded dude. Caley, who works as a doula, of course loves and supports Brian’s awesome beard. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a bearded man’s main lady. Great to meet you and have you and your beard in Colorado!

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