Secret Agent Beard

No matter what part of town we’re in, we seem to be lucky enough to encounter some amazing bearded men, and last Saturday on South Broadway was no exception to that rule. Zach is a Colorado native we met while he was ordering a pint at the Irish Rover. Zach keeps his beard most of the year and claims it holds lots of secrets–we can only imagine. Zach and his beard live in Capitol Hill and when not out in SoBo he can be found helping people out with their insurance claims at the DMV when they jack up their cars; a noble trade indeed. Zach assured us his lady friend loves his beard–or else she’s a talented liar–and that his dad is jealous of his beard skills; he hopes to grow his own beard out once he retires. We’re glad Zach’s father has his eyes on the prize. And did we mention that cardigan? Yeah, probably didn’t have to, but it sure adds to the whole lot of awesome here. Thanks Zach!

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