Beard Coached

The El Camino bar and restaurant in Highlands proved to be an EXTRA good choice on Sunday, because we also met Shad. Shad, a Denver native, has served up the thirsty masses of Denver as a bartender for the past few years, and more importantly has been growing his impressive beard since October. Shad was taken under the wing of one of the bearded gents who works at Fire on the Mountain up the street from El Camino, who gave Shad a pep talk on what products to use on his amazing beard and how to best care for it–we love these stories of beard brotherhood! Shad said he’s been single for awhile (which we find very hard to believe) and so he decided to grow a beard since he had gotten flack about it from ladies in the past. Obviously, Shad’s making some seriously great choices. Make sure to head into El Camino soon and tell Shad and his beard hello!

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