The Terminator Monster

There are good choices in life, and bad choices. Some would say, going to a bar at 5 p.m. on a Sunday is a bad choice, but the ladies of Beards of Denver beg to differ, because if that was a bad choice, we would have never met Dave Yob. Dave is a bartender at El Camino bar and restaurant in Highlands, and he not only loves The Terminator, but is a major connoisseur of Monster Sports Drink. Dave has tailored this particular beard of his the past two years, and claims his mom is supportive of his beard; his dad is jealous (he can’t grow one, a pity!); and his sweetheart is a big fan, “She’d probably leave me for another bearded man if I cut it off” Dave declared. She must be one wise woman! Born in Texas, Dave grew up in Fort Collins and has called Denver home the past 8 years. We encourage all of you to head over to El Camino soon and say hi to Dave, he and his beard are a delight!

2 thoughts on “The Terminator Monster

  1. Sara Sayed says:

    Awe thanks for posting my awesome boyfriend on here!

  2. Leah H. says:

    absolutely! love that Terminator shirt you got him, sara!

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