Sideshow Trio

What better night than Valentine’s day to meet a bearded triple-threat? Meet Tim, Clint, and Matt (L-R) who we happened upon at the Bonnie and the Beard show at the Hi-Dive on Thursday. Tim, rockin’ the cowboy hat, had his amazing clay sculptures and art on display during the Carnival-themed pre-show party, and his buddies Clint and Matt were helping Tim lure in the customers (with their charm and awesome beards, of course). Tim, who is also a pedi-cab driver in Denver, doesn’t rock his beard all year, but he assured us his wife loves it. Clint, who lives in Longmont and has been in Colorado since 1998, has had his beard about three months and though he doesn’t sport it all year long, does sport it with style. And Matt, a drummer and marijuna grower who is originally from Detroit, has been in Denver three eyars and ALWAYS has his beard. Which we certainly appreciate.

Tell us how much you love this beard:

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