We’ve always been in love with Telluride. The skiing, bluegrass and blues means two things for the ladies of B of D: good times and great beards. We were in hog heaven last weekend while enjoying all of the magic that Telluride has to offer. These two beards were the cherries on top! Eryk and Jeff were so kind in letting their dinners be interrupted so we could snatch a shot of their glorious mugs. The meeting was kismet, they live in Denver! Eryk (left) is from the Chicago area originally but moved out west back in 1997 (when he was 12—which is strange because he told us his beard is 15 years old). Those Midwestern men! He likes everything about his beard, the sweetest part being how it feels against his hot man Jeff’s beard.
Jeff moved out to Denver from Minnesota. He originally grew the beard as a protective layer during the harsh Minnesota winters. He loves that birds can live in his beard, if he lets it grow long enough. *Interesting fact, this was not the first time we’ve gotten that comment… He also is a big fan of the beard on beard action, it’s probably because they’re both Dove soap users. Those commercials don’t lie! Nice meeting you fine men!

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