Fear the Beard

Fans of Beards of Denver, meet one of our favorite ginger beards thus far, Steve from Boulder! We were lucky enough to encounter Steve at the Beer and Bacon Breakfast at Denver Beer Company, where he was downing a few mugs of brew and showing off his amazing beard on a bright Saturday morning. Steve began growing his impressive beard on Halloween, when he went as Dexter (hence, the fear of the beard). He says his beard has acted as a superior face mask this winter while snowboarding, even though it often gets ice chunks stuck in it. Steve works at West End Tavern in Boulder while at the same time going to CU for psych and business; with that beard, we don’t think he’ll have any trouble navigating the business world once he graduates. Steve’s been in Colorado for four years, and is originally from Chicago. With a beard like that, we hope he stays for good!

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