Nothing makes a B of D lady you feel more at home than meeting a great Denver beard out in southern CA! Meet Lance! We had the pleasure of chatting with Lance and his lovely lady, Lindsay, while nursing our sea level hangovers this weekend. Lance and his sweetheart recently moved to San Diego after spending 8 years in Denver. They may eventually be pulled back to the Rockies—especially if they need to support the opening of a local craft brewery (hint hint). Lance is a big fan of the beard comb. He shampoos, conditions and blow dries, but only on Fridays (weekend warrior!). This is one lucky dude, Lindsay fully supports his bearded efforts–she’s never seen his chin naked and wants to keep it that way. Lance loves the Broncos and keeps it real while in Charger country. He proudly showed us a shirtless picture of himself with Peyton Manning. Seriously. It was awesome. Lance, hope you don’t mind—you’re going to be the first dual site beard and the first post on our brother site,!

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