All Ears on this Beard

The ladies of Beards of Denver love catching live music in town, and recently when waiting to see the amazing band Pickwick play at the Bluebird theatre, we were lucky enough to meet Tim and admire his fantastic beard. Tim was not only at the show to enjoy the music, he was also covering it for the wonderful music website Listen Up Denver! TIm has been in Colorado 13 years, the past 10 in Denver, and he has also kept his beard the past 10 years (we, of course, think the correlation of beard growth and Denver residence is more than just a coincidence!) Tim’s wife loves his beard, as does their seven week old daughter, Story. Already such good taste at such a young age! Tim and his beard also are contributing to building the local music scene in Denver; he helps organize the Soulfax Sessions at Park House, which are weekly free music nights on Thursdays at Park House. Be sure to check that out and say hi to Tim while you’re at it!

Tell us how much you love this beard:

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