Harry Larry has arrived! We saved this burly beard to remind us all to really appreciate the beautiful spring that Denver provides. Larry is a true mountain man and loves his beard first for it’s functional ability of keeping him warm, and second that it helps maintain perfect circumference with his 10 inch Afro. True story. His current beard has been in the works since the last time he shaved for a wedding, back in September. His product of choice is Wen Hair Care, which he credits for the softness of the curls and it’s rapid growing ability. His mother admits that she is a fan of his beard but would love to see his face every now and then. Sans beard, he’s often mistaken for the ghost of Jesus, Bob Ross or Jerry Garcia. (It’s probably the most impressive Afro in all of Denver, we wouldn’t lie). Larry keeps the bad ass in the beard by being able to a. move pianos b. build anything c. kick your a– on the hockey rink. Looking good, Lawrence of Bearded Batavia!

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