Military Grade Beard

When one thinks indie rock and beards in the same vein, a hipster-esque beard may first come to mind, but at the recent Phosphorescent show at the Hi-Dive in Denver, we met Sean and he proved that men with incredibly burly beards also love the alt-rock. Sean’s a recent transplant to the Denver area from Reno, arriving just over a year ago. When he got out of the Marines he decided to go three months without shaving—and his current beard has surpassed the seven month mark—and we certainly hope his beard makes it a full year! When asked what his family thinks of his beard, he says his dad (who is also a former Marine) is somewhat skeptical; obviously we need to send him this amazing photo to prove to him how fantastic Sean’s beard really is! Sean—who’s currently single, ladies—said his ex wasn’t a huge fan of his beard, which we can’t fully comprehend; we will happily admire such beard genius!

Tell us how much you love this beard:

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