‘Ol St. Rick

When you combine a great long beard, a love of craft beers, and a resemblance to Santa Claus, who do you get? Rick, who was born, raised, and has lived in south Denver most of his life, that’s who. We were tipped off about Rick (who’s had some sort of facial hair since high school, when he got in trouble for having a mustache), and his amazing beard by his fantastic wife, Terri. We love the stellar shape of Rick’s beard, but not as much as Terri, who claims it makes a great “handle” to pull him in close for a kiss! Terri told us that young kids are always staring at Rick and his beard; her theory is that they may think he’s Santa, and he humors them by giving his beard a quick flip to make them smile—of course he’s a people pleaser; with that great beard, how could he not be? Terri said it’s easily been 12 years since she’s seen him clean shaven. Like many other amazing Beards of Denver, both Rick and Terri love visiting breweries—they’ve been to 149—yes, 149!—thus far, with Copper Kettle Brewing Company being their favorite (and also one of our favorites). Keep up that great beard growth, and beer sampling, Rick!

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