Broken bones lead to Bad Ass Beards

Here at Beards of Denver, we love Opening Day Baseball more than we love bacon (I know, that’ll come as a shock) and ALMOST more than we love beards. That’s why we were especially delighted to meet Walker after the Colorado Rockies Opening Day victory a few weeks ago. Hanging out in the back patio area of Scruffy Murhpys, we couldn’t help admire Walker’s amaze-balls red beard and Mohawk to boot. Walker, who works at Beatport (essentially the iTunes for DJs—get on over if you haven’t heard of it, and if you haven’t, srsly, where ya been?) and broke his femur in August playing some hacky-sack outside of work. While in the hospital he couldn’t shave (or didn’t feel up to it) and grew out his beard. Get this, beard lovers: he NEVER HAD ONE BEFORE. We were, of course, aghast, because just LOOK at it!? Walker and his fabulous girlfriend Zhawna are Denver natives, and she’s encouraging him to keep the beard at least a year (we say, go for eternity). At any rate, pretty much no better way to wrap up an already awesome Rockies Opening Day!

Tell us how much you love this beard:

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