Wooden Hat Double Trouble

Who knew spirits and beards went so well together? The ladies of Beards of Denver, that’s who. A few months back at the D-Still spirit-tasting event in Denver (during the American Distilling Institute conference), we were lucky enough to happen upon Gary Hinegardner and his son Jeremy and their amazing father/son beards’ combo. The elder Hinegardner, who lives in Montgomery City, Missouri, with his wife, Katy, dabbles in making spirits (gin, whiskey, and vodka) and also makes the impressive wooden hats Jeremy is modeling here.
Jeremy, who has called Boulder home since 2000, runs his own company called Copious Free Time, where he helps people solve complex technology problems. Jeremy used to only have a goatee (for shame!) and after attending a conference in Ireland last year (where attendees were asked to grow out their beards; sounds like a great conference) he smartly decided to stay on the beard-path. Gary has had a beard or ‘stache most of his adult life (wise man indeed) and he was a wood turner for a long time before he decided to learn how to make wooden hats, and now, spirits. His distillery is in New Florence, Missouri and he plans to let his beard continue to grow as he pursues his newest passion. Check out Gary’s distillery both here and here. Thanks for keeping beards in the family, guys!

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