Holy Moses

Every once in a while it is the joy of the Beard Huntress to happen upon a handsome bearded man who is willing to share the various stages of change his beard goes through. Such was the case when we were fortunate enough to run into Mr. Johnny Moses. Johnny is one of our favorite Denver beards–a native–and was kind enough to share with us the evolution of his beard, which happened over the span of four or five months this year. Johnny works both at the Elm bar and restaurant on East Colfax and Elm in Denver, as well as at Park Hill Methodist preschool, and is shown in the bottom right being given the infamous Ice Cream ‘Stache by some of his students. When Johnny’s not molding the minds of our great city’s youth, or rubbing elbows with the locals at the Elm, he plays in the Denver band I Sank Molly Brown. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Holy Moses, Johnny! We love your beard.

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