Until you’ve ridden the gondola with this beard, you haven’t lived. Meet Trevor! Hopefully we can help convince Trevor that his future move from Steamboat to Denver is a wise decision. (Do bearded men ever make wrong decisions? Didn’t think so.) Trevor, here’s just a small example of the bearded love you will soon be receiving on the regular. We support you. We support your patience and dedication to the bearded cause. Move where the beer flows like wine and the beards are celebrated with local pride! Trevor’s face hasn’t been naked for 8 months, when he sadly shaved for an unsuccessful job interview (hint: next time, keep the beard. It sends your future employer this message: “I can handle anything”). Trevor is a mapper, we weren’t surprised. Follow a bearded man into the forest, you will never be lost. His favorite part about his beard is that it has two vortexes. He warned us not to get too close because “you’ll fall in”. Don’t mind if we do, Trevor!

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