Oh boy, this was a fun one. Let’s go back and relive those Telluride times. B of D met Garrett on the way into the festival when we stopped into the refreshing Telluride Bottleworks for some much needed supplies. We found more than we expected: a fantastic beard and the chance to Ice it. A bond was formed and a new Telluride tradition was created. We Iced him every day….perhaps we just iced ourselves. We’ll never know. Garrett moved down to Telluride almost a year ago from Seattle. He’s been growing his current beard for just about a month (keep it up, buddy!) but has already found one of the amazing bearded perks—twirling the ‘ol mustache tips. Free time is solved! He said his mother is “okay with the beard, as long as I go somewhere in my life”. Garrett, my friend. The beard will take you where you need to go—-onward and upward. He’s looking forward to another beautiful southern Colorado winter when he can pick the icicles out of his beard after skiing. Icicles? Iced? It was meant to be.

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