Seafaring Beard

The ladies of Beards of Denver were lucky enough to meet the delightful and charismatic Levi Wells last month at the Ogden Theatre before the They Might Be Giants show. And, where there might be giants, there will definitely be Great Beards. Levi, who is originally from Cody, Wyoming, told us his beard is a result largely of laziness and a hatred of shaving, combined with the fact he previously was a documentary filmmaker for the Semester at Sea program, and shooting footage during at sea doesn’t bode well for doing a lot of shaving, obviously. He told us he was also working on a documentary currently that was going to require him to sail in the Carribbean for two months, so we can only imagine the lengths his beard may reach. A talented photographer as well, you can check out more of his work here. Keep up the great work darlin!

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