We love hump day for a variety of reasons; camels are amazing, ‘The Humpty Dance’ is set on repeat in my office from 12-1 every Wednesday, Whiskey Bar has some sweet specials and we typically have a fantastic beard to share. Meet Randy. Randy Whitsmill. A big thank you to his fellow co-worker and avid BofD supporter (and guest), Androo—without you, this glamorous beard wouldn’t have gotten the recognition it so deserves.

Here’s the play by play of his interview. Enjoy:

(3:40:50 PM) Androo: how old is your beard
(3:41:00 PM) Randy: that’s complicated
(3:41:10 PM) Randy: the mustache is 7 months, the sideburns are 3 weeks
(3:41:56 PM) Androo: what’s your favorite thing about it
(3:42:23 PM) Randy: it traps my food, so then I get a snack later
(3:42:32 PM) Androo: bonus
(3:42:47 PM) Androo: what does your mother think about it?
(3:43:19 PM) Randy: she thinks it takes away from my stunning good looks
(3:44:57 PM) Androo: do you agree with mom?
(3:45:33 PM) Randy: no – I think if anything it helps
(3:45:47 PM) Randy: alternate answer: yes – it’s hard living a normal life with such stunning good looks
(3:46:07 PM) Androo: haha
(3:46:22 PM) Androo: moderating that a bit helps you go out to lunch without attracting a crowd, I’d imagine.
(3:46:29 PM) Randy: correct
(3:46:41 PM) Androo: where are you from originally
(3:46:55 PM) Randy l: originally? the uterus, I guess
(3:47:08 PM) Androo: and after that?
(3:47:31 PM) Randy: Oshkosh, WI – which is where I got the lust for salted, cased meats
(3:47:44 PM) Androo: and you’re now a vegetarian?
(3:48:16 PM) Randy: correct – even a midwesterner has his limits
(3:48:27 PM) Androo: how long have you lived in CO?
(3:48:35 PM) Randy: 8 years
(3:51:56 PM) Androo: has having facial hair helped in any surprising ways in your life?
(4:04:50 PM) Randy: Personally – people look at me and sometimes laugh. They think I must be funny. But that’s not really the case. Professionally – I would really attribute all of my success thus far to my appearance. It’d be a shame should I interview with someone who is blind.
(4:06:20 PM) Androo: any particular grooming practices?
(4:07:22 PM) Randy: Grooming? I’m not sure what you mean. This is just how my beard grows naturally.
(4:07:30 PM) Androo: impressive
(4:08:08 PM) Androo: anything else you’d like to add about yourself
(4:10:02 PM) Randy: Don’t ever let anyone tell you you shouldn’t grow out your beard because it’s too spotty. That’s just your body being creative.
(4:10:27 PM) Androo: words to live by

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