Red Beard For the Win

Here at Beards of Denver we can’t get enough of our Ginger Beards. When Zac reached out to us to share his amazing beard, we were thrilled. Zac has been growing his beard on the regular for about six years, ever since he met his wife Blanca. It’s only been in the past four months that Zac has let his beard grow and really “be itself”. This bold move of free-flowing Beard Growth has earned him the nickname “BeardMan” with his colleagues at Wright Tree service, where he is the head foreman for the dead beetle kill trees in the Rockies west of Boulder.
He and his Blanca moved to Denver about a year ago from Deadwood, South Dakota and can’t imagine living anywhere else, and we can’t imagine having this great beard move away! Bianca loves Zac’s beard because she feels it’s extremely unique and not just any man can grow a beard like his; we have to agree! Thanks Zac!

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