Give Thanks for This Beard

Here at Beards of Denver, we are thankful for ALL the beards we encounter, but we are especially grateful for meeting Charlie Houston during the Underground Music Showcase at the end of July. Charlie and his bad-ass beard were preparing to perform at UMS with the band Thanks to Philo, a blues-rock-reggae crew Charlie’s been a part of for three years. Charlie, who lives in Parker, says people love his beard and he gets a lot of attention for it. The only reason he would shve it is for a charity event for the Children’s Miracle Network; yet another reason we’re so thankful for Charlie and his philanthropic mane. Charlie’s family also loves to weigh in on his beard: his mom loves it while his dad isn’t a fan (likely because he only has a ‘stache himself). Charlie’s sweetheart is a big fan (smart woman!) we don’t know how she couldn’t be. Thanks Charlie!

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