British Beard

It’s not everyday you meet a stand-up beard who also plays the stand-up bass, but the ladies of Beards of Denver were in the right spot at the right time on a recent fine, fall evening to meet Max and admire his ginger-bearded fantasticness. Max, a musician from London, England, currently plays bass and stand-up bass in Tom Odell’s band, and we were lucky enough to hang with Max and his bandmates (curly-haired Max, Matt, and Tom) at Goosetown Tavern after their show at The Bluebird in Denver. Max has been growing his beard for the past three years, and is a firm believer his face looks better bearded. We agree, though his mom isn’t in our same camp, as she wishes he would shave so she can more freely admire his handsome face. Max’s sweetheart, Ann-Marie, is on our side, though, as she is adamantly against Max shaving, and Max loves her the more for it, claiming “She’s the sweetest girl in the world and puts up with me quite a lot.” Such sweet words from such an amazing beard aren’t that surprising, but we imagine Max is a bit easier to put up with while sporting his impressive beard. Luckily, the life of a touring musician seems quite appropriate to continue his bearded-mastery. Look for Max, his beard, and his bandmates on Leno soon, and follow him on Twitter @max_goff for beard and other sure-to-be-intriguing updates. Cheers Max! We’ll happily tip some scotch and fireball back with you anytime you’re back in our lovely Denver.

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