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Guest ‘Stache

Even though we contain most of our mad love for beards here at Beards of Denver, occasionally we spread that love to a great Stand Alone Mustache. Wesley from Nashville came out to Vegas to compete in the Dali mustache category. He’s a welder and printer in Tennessee and decided to grow his stache for the simple joy of it all. Pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves

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Beards of Denver Goes to Vegas

Sometimes, you have to travel for a cause. In our case, that cause was the National Beard and Mustache Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, November 11th. Over 300 handsome devils competed in 18 categories for the best beard and ‘stache in all the (U.S.) land. If you’re curious about the results, you can check them out here.

Several of the hairy contestants are documented over in our facebook album from the event, but we will also give you some individual features here. Hope you enjoy! We certainly did.

Below, a little taste of the competition.

These two were a trip!

Perhaps my second favorite beard of all the beards there. Mike from Idaho.

I didn’t meet this bearded wonder, but sure wish I would have.

The cutest couple there! Oana and Jeff from Pennsylvania with his amazing, amazing Garibaldi beard.