Chip Off the Old Block

We were lucky enough to happen upon Chip and his red beard at Don’s Mixed Drinks this weekend. Originally hailing from Delaware, he’s been a Denverite since 2005, and has been growing his bad-ass beard since 2006. Chip obviously loves his beard because it provides coverage for his face, which we were quick to point out is beautiful, to which Chip responded that he can’t imagine what he looks like without it. Though his family hates his beard, his love for it triumphs and hence, the beard stays.  Hemingway once asked, “What would your life be if described in six words?” Chip’s response was: “Can’t picture myself without my beard.” We’re certainly glad he keeps it around.


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One thought on “Chip Off the Old Block

  1. Peter Mills says:

    I love it more than my life and my own totally sweet mustache.

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