Ill stache

We found this extra special Imperial stache pouring some delicious ESB beer brewed by your very own Denver Beer Co last Sunday night. Nick’s mustache needed to be celebrated, so he’s our honorary guest stache of the month. Nick left the treacherous terrain of Illinois several years back. It was on his journey west that he decided to let the stache do as it pleased, and we thank him for it every day. Nick is currently in the process of becoming even more distinguished; he will soon be a cicerone. Nick, we’re pretty sure you can just show up for the test, give them a peak at your upper lip, and the title is yours. Do yourself a favor, head on over to the DBC, order a beer or seven (and a jumbo pretzel) and let Nick fill your curious brain with all you’ll ever need to know about brews and what mustache wax to buy.

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