Beards of Banjos and Brews

Of course we weren’t done with the Trampled beards!
It was a pleasure meeting “Woody” (left) and “D” (right) last week at the show.
We know (perhaps from research) that you can find Woody and his beard slinging brew at the one and only Denver Beer Co. He told us his favorite part about having a beard is the lack of attention it needs and the amount of attention it gets. He must have good taste in women because his girlfriend loves his facial fur. Believe it or not, more milk than beer ends up getting caught in his beard.
D’s from Duluth, MN and is a bluegrass man through and through. We quickly learned that “D” is a man of few words. When asked about what he’d like to say for his beard he told us, “pretty sure the beard speaks for itself”. Sure does, my friend.

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