Beardage a Trois

This post is looong overdue, sorry bearded foxes! Meet Ryan, Jack and Matt (L to R). We met these men while enjoying some delicious wine (Prisoner!) at Cru Wine Bar in Larimer Square. They are sure to make you laugh, cry, full and tipsy. Everything we look for in our bearded men!
Ryan is a Denver native. He loves the variety of colors his beard can provide and the minimal amount of maintenance. His poor mother hasn’t come around just yet and still isn’t a fan (give her time, Ryan).
Jack and his amazing beard obviously hail from a land that promotes large amounts of milk intake. Jack misses the warm lakes his home state of Michigan provides. He told us the last time he “took his beard down” was in September. He especially likes that his beard attracts women (duh). He gets it shaped every couple of weeks and is a fan of the occasional dab ‘o lotion to the beard face.
Then we get to Matt (Danger Mouse). This naughty beard from Delaware likes the way his beard tickles (of course you do). He loves the salt and pepper his beard displays. He takes it in once a month to have it shaped up. Last time he shaved it off was 5 years ago for a Magnum PI Halloween costume. Understood.
These beauties told us they are all (very surprisingly) single. You’re welcome, ladies!


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