Here’s to the Happy Beards

There’s something to be said about going to Vine Street Pub in Denver in February (perhaps multiple times). It is Stout Month, after all, where nearly everyday a new Stout beer is unveiled to quench the thirst of Denverites who oh-so-love their beer. And, a well-known fact (which anyone who has gone to Vine Street even once can attest to) is that it is a mecca for encountering handsome bearded men.
Thus, we weren’t surprised–but were definitely delighted–to meet Andy and Mike (L-R) on Monday. These boys have known each other for several years, as they are both musicians, and a mutual affection for each other’s music lead to them playing in bands together in Denver.
Mike, who is originally from St. Louis but currently calls Littleton home, has a reason for donning a shorter beard these days; he’s currently undergoing chemotheraphy to treat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which he was diagnosed with only a few months ago. He told us earlier in the day he had cut off his long hair and donated it to Locks of Love, but his beard is holding on, despite the chemo (normally around the 18th chemo treatment most people lose their hair; Mike and his beard are at around 25 treatments now). Mike is very proud of his beard’s stamina, and rightfully so; he really, really wants his beard to keep on keepin’ on.
Andy, whose amazingly well-groomed beard was what first caught our eyes, has been in Denver, off and on, since 1995. In October 2012 he shaved his face clean to celebrate his divorce, and declared that his current off-the-charts beard is hence a completely happy version. You’ll find no sadness lingering here, people; Just a seriously kick-ass example of bearded bliss. Andy did note that the ladies LOVE his beard; about half the time women just come up and grab his beard rather than first ask permission. That’s some serious bold moves there, ladies.
Thanks for being such good sports and letting us crash your dinner guys! You are delightful.

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