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Gobble Gobble

In wouldn’t truly be Thanksgiving without a Thanksgiving beard for you all! We ran into Scott and his great Turkey-Day beard at the Turkey Trot in Denver Thanksgiving morning. He’s rockin’ that turkey headdress, those wayfarer glasses, and that beard like nobody’s business; we’d share some cranberry sauce and stuffing with him not only on Thanksgiving, but on any day of the year.

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Brewery Beard Part 2

The first thing we noticed when walking into the Copper Kettle Brewing Company should’ve been the several delicious brews on tap, but, unsurprisingly, our Beards of Denver eyes honed in on the handsome beard Paul was sporting. Paul is relatively new to Copper Kettle and to the Denver area, moving here in recent months for the peace of the mountains and away from the bustle of Orlando, Florida. Paul’s worked in the brewing business for quite some time, and was a definite asset in helping us choose which brews to sample. If you go to Copper Kettle, make sure to tell Paul hi, and try the Mexican Chocolate Stout while you can still get it–it was divine!

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Brewery Beard Part 1

A quick Google search for “breweries nearby” the other night led Beards of Denver on an impromptu trip to Copper Kettle Brewing Company at 1338 S. Valentia Street, and put us in contact with two profoundly interesting bearded men. Pictured here is Jeremy, originally from North Carolina, who started Copper Kettle with his wife Kristen about a year and a half ago, and trust us, the beer, the service, and the beards were top notch! Focusing on making several different kinds of beer rather than distributing a large quantity of one or two beers has already forced Copper Kettle to (happily) expand their physical space in their relatively short existence, and they enjoy a great local following (several people were in the tap room and coming in and out to fill their pre-Thanksgiving growlers!) Go¬†check them out, for the beer and, of course, for the beards!

Cheers Beard!

We had the pleasure to meet Issac while at Prost Brewing Company, where he works. From Buena Vista originally, he started growing his beard recently (in other words, as soon as the weather changed, aka the start of Beard Season) because he’s lazy (his words, not ours) and loves to work at Prost partly because his beard is so welcome there. He told us that recently a friend of his was in a bar and overheard a group of young women say “Let’s get out of here, there’s not any bearded dudes.” Obviously, you won’t have that problem if you go to Prost, ladies! Cheers!


Jazzy Duo

We literally danced into these two darling beards at El Chapultepec in downtown Denver recently. Chris and Rob may just be beginning to grow out their beards for Beard Season, but we have no doubt they’ll be appropriately burly and brusque in no time! Keep a look out for these two at El Chapultepec and generally around Denver to scout their progress.

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Holy Joely

Joel Garland Bekken. Real name, real beard. Our endless reasearch has so far proved that you can find amazing beards in Denver pretty much anywhere. We found him at an art exhibit on Santa Fe. When he’s not appreciating fine photography, this man lives the life of a stereotypical beard–he lives up in the hills and works at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. He said he loves his beard because it keeps him warm during those cold winter nights and that it’s just “too un-manly not to have a beard”. We agree.

Marky Mark

This isn’t the only time you’ll see Mark, he’s promised a burlier beard in the near future and we want to see the transformation! You may be as suprised as we were to learn that these lovely locks take some TLC. Mark says he won’t dare use any other product but Kiss My Face on his manly mug. You can typically find this bearded bear either saving lives, dear hunting, roller skating or taking his adorable family with him on a bluegrass advernture.

King of Beards

We present to you Mr. Ryan King. This Denver native loves three things about his facial hair: it provides cranial balance when he’s jamming in his band ‘Champagne Charlie’, the ladies love it and he can braid it. We seem to be finding some common themes here…

Bearded Kitten

We met this bearded concert goer at the Bluebird last weekend. This newlywed wears his adorable Ozzy shirt in an effort to ward off beard adoring women. He loves his beard because he “can hide stuff in it”, he loves his wife because she “pets him like a cat until he falls asleep at night”. Thank you for your honesty, bearded Tally.

Distinguished Gentelman

What’s there to say about this beard but WOW. Tyler Shannon from Seattle earned major props for his well-maintained verdi beard at the national competition, coming in second in a very competitive category. Apparently there’s a lot of time to keep a beard looking great while staying out of all that Seattle rain. One fan’s reaction to Tyler’s amazing beard sums it up perfectly: STELLAR, she said of his amazing man. Just STELLAR.

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